Umpire Training for High School Baseball

Be in the game!

Ever watch a baseball game feeling like you could do a better job than those umpires? Well, now’s your chance to prove them right!

Be a part of the game! See yourself on the field in the middle of the action! Make those bang-bang calls; call those borderline pitches, and put to into action what you learned provided by the EPHSUA’s training program!

See the game through a different set of eyes like you never thought existed. Learn the proper mechanics, communicate as umpires do, and be in control of everything on the playing field. All eyes are on you, be the umpire no one notices!

****2018 TRAINING DATES****

January 6th at Eastlake 10am-1pm
January 13th at Bel Air 10am-1pm
January 20th at Coronado 10am-1pm


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Who are we?

We are the El Paso High School Umpires Association (EPHSUA) a recognized nonprofit organization. We provide qualified and certified umpires all throughout El Paso County and portions of west Texas, from Anthony to Van Horn.

Our membership is made up over 70 officials. Our goal is to grow our membership to better provide high schools with umpires that are confident, knowledgeable, and committed to the profession. Be a part of the game! Be a part of the EPHSUA!

 Through the efforts of our recruiting and training program we know you will come out of the program understanding the game in a whole new way and being able to play your part in this great game of baseball at the high school level.

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Getting started

Whether you’re new to umpiring, have called in the past, or returning to the game there’s a place for you in the EPHSUA.

18+ years old

20/20 vision (with or w/o corrective lenses)

Good communication skills

Quick reflexes/good coordination

Some athletic ability

Willingness to learn the profession

Contact us!

Recruitment Committee Chair - Patty Mullany - 915-494-1748

Training Committee Chair - Santiago Valdez

You can also fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

A $70 Local Dues fee - REDUCED FOR "NEW" Members for the 2018 season!!! $20.00!!!


(New member is defined as someone who has not been in the association ever or has sat out for 2 concurrent seasons)

Why do I pay "local dues?" Local dues cover the following;

-NFHS Rules Book

-NFHS Case Book

-Training Notebook

-Access to association website as a member

--Access to Arbiter website to receive games

A $65 State Dues fee (required by the State) - Covers;

-Allows for testing to call HS baseball

-Registers you as an eligible umpire for UIL Baseball

-Secondary Insurance

Note: You will not be able to pay state dues until you have paid local and are added into Arbiter Sports. 

Ability to pass the State background check requirement and attestation.

About our Training and Recruitment Committee

EPHSUA’s training staff is committed to bring each of you the professionalism that this line of work deserves. We bring forth our experiences to pass along to you so that you may prosper in your journeys as umpires. We promise to give you a thorough insight and provide the fundamentals to get you started as an umpire. Lastly, we want to share our knowledge of the game of baseball so that you, too, may grow and elevate yourself into an elite umpire.

We will help develop the focus needed to umpire a game through repetition and consistency

We will demonstrate professional appearance, provide proper on-field mechanics, teach verbal/non-verbal communication, and discuss proper demeanor both on and off the field

We will develop your judgment through established techniques/methods to help build confidence in your calls on the field

We will share the importance of building a positive relationship with crew partners and association members

We will discuss situational management/resolution such as pace of game, confrontations, and incident reports

We will help you gain knowledge of the rules as well as common practice interpretations of those rules as situations arise

We will also help identify the pitfalls of umpiring to help preserve your integrity, focus, and diligence that the profession deserves.

Elevate Your Game!

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